How to top up your Freetrade account 💸


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On this topic, if I am buying shares in a company every month say, are we able to set up for automatic payment into those companies monthly or do I have to log in to the app and actually process this myself??

Hope that makes sense

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Makes sense! :point_down:

If you want to invest on a regular basis, you could also set up a standing order to fund your account— then you don’t have to think about it going forward!

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Does a standing order retain the unique reference number for each payment? Never set one up with a reference before and the blog had a few very subtle hints that the reference is a little bit important :sweat_smile:


Yep, it should do! Or at least does on a certain challenger bank that’s occasionally mentioned around here…

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I obviously meant:

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The not at all badly named app, BO