How YOU doin? Paste your ‘Time-Weighted Rate of Return’

GME and shorts

( :walking_man: leaves thread before turning it into another GME discussion :rofl: )

Forgot my GIA which I still need to sell off and replace in ISA


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Not very good. Mostly in ETF’s. Ive stopped my regular monthly saving practice now. Preffering to keep it in cash savings.

I have 25k in cash thay was for a house deposit il no longer getting. Im planning to put a lot in towards the end of this bear market

wot u buy?


looks buffetty

How do you plan to time the end of the bear market?

I’m not sure what that means lol. Tbh I bought BT at £2 but have managed to average down as it dropped panicking all the way. But currently it’s climbing back …another month probably go the other way. Taylor wimpy just keeps dropping but hopefully in the end that will swing again. Aviva I have kept average below £3.90 so that’s good. I’m hoping for many many years and steady dividends but will see what happens. I have stopped buying mostly for now just to see what happens. My smaller holdings are mostly just a bit of a punt. Unless they are paying dividends in which case I will try and grow holdings if things drop

i mean it kinda looks like a warren buffett type portfolio

That good or bad?

It has my seal of approval.

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Just started with freetrade a few months ago


You got to beat this :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Gotta be an error

Are you secretly Elon Musk :exploding_head:


“Banks hate this simple trick, click here to make money with no experience”


:rofl::rofl::rofl: so true