HSBC 🏦 πŸ‡­πŸ‡° πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ - HSBA

Anyone holding HSBC?


:sob: :sob: I saw that this morning, thankfully it is one of my smaller holdings.

It might be a buying opportunity for me.

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I’ve been thinking of investing in HSBC… May hold off for a bit after seeing this.

Could be a chance to pick up a few shares at a bargain price!

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HSBA is one of my biggest bags. I have confidence in their turnaround strategy however if the world falls apart, I’m not sure a turnaround will turn share prices fully around.

Cancellation of their dividends is a hard hit to investors.

So far my confidence is being proven wrong :wink: some may say a buying opportunity, some may say a sign :stuck_out_tongue:

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HSBC beats analyst expectations with a pre-tax profit of Β£4.18billion in the first quarter. Not too bad for the banking sector


October update:


Was there a dividend payment on 27th April? Should there have been? :thinking:

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Yes there was. Typically it’s within 5 working days after the payment date. Dividends for some stocks will show in your account quicker than others.

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Thanks! I’ll continue to be patient.

7 days tmz lol, 5 days mmmmm

5 working days take us till tomorrow. You don’t count weekends or the bank holiday Monday. I hold stocks of HSBC on another trading platform which showed the dividend on the same day.

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Showed or paid? FT says 5 days i guess as most platforms pay same day they included weekends as be 3 days anyway without them!

Got paid yesterday