HSBC issues with linking bank account

Hi guys,

I have been trying to connect my HSBC account to the app but everytime it goes to the HSBC app via freetrade, the app just crashes. I’ve tried more than 50 times now.

I’ve reached my £250 card limit and now I can only buy shares via bank transfer which does not seem possible if neither app is doing its job.

Who can I contact for help? Is there a freetrade customer service no.?

Your help is much appreciated


You can send a payment directly from the HSBC app without going through Freetrade. You’ll need your reference number. Go to top up on the app and select Google/Apple (?) Pay. Enter an amount above £250 and it should offer you the Instant Bank Transfer Details. Click to get reference number and payment details for setting FT as a recipient on HSBC app and manually send payment using said reference and account details.

Thank you, this is very helpful.


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