HSBC MSCI Mexico Capped ETF - HMEX


“The MSCI Mexico Capped index tracks large and mid cap stocks in Mexico. Index concentration is limited by maximum weights for sector, geography and constituents.”

Has a dividend yield of 1.9% paid semi-annually. It’s an emerging market and could offer some international diversity to portfolios.

"Mexico’s economy and culture are changing. Until 2012, Mexico’s economy underperformed Brazil’s. Mexico is now a major manufacturing center for electronics. That includes most of the flat-screen TVs sold in the United States. It also makes medical devices and aerospace parts.

International trade, which is exports plus imports, equals 66 percent of the country’s GDP. That’s much higher than Brazil’s 26 percent or even China’s 42 percent. This emphasis on trade makes Mexico’s companies globally competitive. Gruma is the world’s largest tortilla maker. Bimbo is the largest bread maker since it acquired U.S. baker Sara Lee. Mexican companies have access to the U.S. market. They also share a common language with the rest of Latin America.

Mexico grew from the ninth to the seventh largest auto manufacturer in the world between 2010 and 2015. It’s the fourth largest auto exporter. It recently surpassed Japan as the second-largest U.S. auto parts exporter."