Hut 8 Mining - HUT


I would like to request the following two stocks which represent access to the emerging security token and crypto asset markets. These stocks allow for exposure to these emerging markets howerer can be valuated via traditional metrics and do not require direct purchase of unregulated assets.

  • is associated with the upcoming tZero exchange which is focused towards the exchange of securities via distributed ledger based technologies.
  • Hut 8 Mining Co is a Canadian based mining company providing mining operations for Bitcoin.

I believe these emerging markets will continue to develop and these and similar associated stocks should be considered as viable listings.
Best Regards

(Emma) #2

Overstock is already available

(Alex Sherwood) #3

As Emma says, Overstock is available in the app :muscle: since we need to stick to one stock request per topic (in order to count the votes for each stock), I’ve renamed this topic to HUT only, although it’s worth bearing in mind that we currently don’t offer stocks listed in Canada.