I am being ignored

I opened my account on the 1st Feb - a whole week ago now and deposited funds via linked bank account, the funds have still not hit the account. Something that was meant to take maximum 24 hours. I have followed all the steps and included my reference number when depositing the money. Where is my money?!?!

I have tried numerous messages in-app and tried to contact on twitter and instagram. I am being completely ignored on every channel.

I am aware Freetrade is extremely busy at the moment, but my patience has run thin, this is simply not an acceptable amount of time to wait for contact back.


Hi @Kay, welcome to the forum.

So sorry for the delay, which isn’t normally the speed we’d operate at. We are battling through these messages and trying to share updates on social, too, to manage expectations.

Indeed, cash usually arrives in a couple of hours, but in some cases, there can be one of a variety of reasons for it not arriving.

We don’t hold your customer info here, so please do drop us another in-app message and we will resolve this for you.

Thanks for your patience.

Hello Sam,

Thanks for getting back to me. This is the first response I have gotten from Freetrade since joining. It is highly disappointing that I have had to come to a public forum to be heard. I have been messaging using the in-app chat all week and have received no response.

It seems as tho this is the only platform in which you respond. Could you kindly tell me where my money is?

Hi Kay

I’d like to share some more context here.

We saw an unexpectedly huge spike in customer numbers due to the events of the last fortnight.

We’ve tried to be as transparent as we can about the delays in customer replies, through daily updates on here and across social.

This spike in customers led to an equally huge jump in customer messages.

Not only did the entire company down tools and get to work on this, but we literally went out to hire additional support:

As for your deposit, we’re very sorry for this delay in the cash reaching you. Normally, bank transfers take a couple of hours, and Apple Pay/Google Pay are instant.

In a very small number of cases, bank transfers can fail to reach your account at first for reasons like the name not matching the exact customer name, an incorrect reference number or a few other reasons.

We need to investigate these cases before allocating the cash to your account.

Appreciate it’s super frustrating, so please DM me your details and I’ll investigate this for you.




Hi Sam,

Although I appreciate what you have said please recognise it has taken a whole WEEK for me to hear anything from you guys despite reaching out several times on many different platforms.

I understand what you as a company are trying to do the upmost to rectify and resolve these issues however you have managed to respond to me in a couple of minutes when I’ve been reduced to take up issue with you guys on a public platform. It doesn’t speak well. All now messages in the in-app chat are still showing as unread despite sending them days ago.

I will send you a personal DM


I understand that as a company you are trying to do the upmost to rectify and resolve these issues

I feel your pain - I know a couple of people who deposited large sums last week to invest ( Plus customers ) with no sign of their cash and have the serious hump with the delay and unread messages.

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Hi @Freetrade_Team,

I have tried to send a DM to you but am unsure how this platform works.

Can you please send me a message that I can reply to?

Honestly, it’s quite embarrassing. Although I appreciate the influx of new customers, if they cannot serve them adequately then reconsider the onboarding process.

I also find it highly insulting that I’ve been waiting for a reply for daysss and now I’ve taken the grievance public I get a response in minutes.


Click on Sam profile picture and it should give you options to send a message

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Thanks for your DM, Kay.

While our onboarding process was working well, the unknown influx of customers has definitely resulted in a sub-optimal experience and we’re doing everything we can to catch up.

The reason we reply to public threads is, primarily to help where we can, of course. Secondly, to share context that others may find helpful.

Because we don’t hold customer information here, we can’t use the forum as a replacement for customer service in-app.

I’ll close this conversation now and help you out directly.