I am creating a platform to invest in creators

Hi! My friends and I are creating a platform to invest in creators. Since people here are into investing, we would love to hear your ideas! Here is a link to a survey we would be thankful if you could complete:


What does that even mean? Creators of what? Is it crowdfunding a la kickstarter? Or actual private equity holdings?

Thanks for the message! There is a better explanation on the survey itself, but by creators I mean youtubers, twitch streamers, musicians, artists etc. Yes it is crowdfunding, but by putting money in you will β€œinvest” in the creator - you will get a percentage of the revenue he makes. Does that make sense?

I think the trick here will be retaining the creators after they build a fan base - since the value will be contained almost entirely in the brand of their individual persona.

Essentially, what would stop them from leaving your platform and setting up a solo channel to keep all revenue? What kind of contract can be set up?