I have a UK reit in my ISA

Hi I have a UK reit in my ISA and I don’t think it’s supposed to be there as I can’t buy more and it says I can only trade in general account?? The stock in question is londonmetric’ please advise.

Can you sell or is that greyed out too?

I seek to be able to sell it’s just buy that’s gray
But does say it cannot be in there and need to switch to general account to buy

The reason UK REITs are not supported in FT’s ISA yet is because FT haven’t built a way to claw back the 20% tax from the PIDs.
So essentially you’re missing out on that 20% by investing in REITs using FT at the moment. This was supposed to be resolved with the new investment platform but not heard anything. If REITs are essential to your ISA portfolio then another broker may be an option

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Can I get that reit swapped.over.to.my general account then? Or is it stuck? I’ll just have to sell

You just have to sell and rebuy in your GIA