This is just a no brainer really, IBM are a household name, they have a solid dividend track record and real potential for future growth with security, artificial intelligence and smart devices all being within their repertoire. Watson is definitely part of the internets future!

Full bio:
International Business Machines Corp. is an information technology company, which provides integrated solutions that leverage information technology and knowledge of business processes. It operates through the following segments: Cognitive Solutions, Global Business Services, Technology Services & Cloud Platforms, Systems, and Global Financing. The Cognitive Solutions segment comprises a portfolio of capabilities that help IBM’s clients to identify actionable insights and inform decision making for competitive advantage. It includes Watson, a cognitive computing platform that has the ability to interact in natural language, process amounts of big data, and learn from interactions with people and computers. This segment consists of Solutions Software, which provides the basis for many of the company’s strategic areas including analytics, security and social; and Transaction Processing Software, which includes software that primarily runs mission-critical systems in industries such as banking, airlines and retail. The Global Business Services segment provides clients with consulting, application management and global process services. The Technology Services & Cloud Platforms segment provides IT infrastructure services creating business value for clients through integrated services that incorporate intellectual property within its global delivery model. The Systems segment provides clients with infrastructure technologies to help meet the requirements of hybrid cloud and cognitive workload from deploying analytics, to moving to digital service delivery with the cloud, and securing mobile transaction processing. The Global Financing segment facilitates IBM clients acquisition of information technology systems, software and services by providing financing solutions in the areas where the company functions. The company was founded by Charles Ranlett Flint and Thomas J. Watson Sr. on June 16, 1911 and is headquartered in Armonk, NY.

They are also said to be the 3rd largest cloud provider by revenue. Which sounds odd until you remember IBM own Compose and SoftLayer, and now Redhat. Expect them to take a even bigger share over the next few years.

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I can now name something IBM actually do! Except a chess playing robot…

This is something I think can be revolutionary, especially with the stigma of mental health and the effects that social media will have on the coming generation.

IBM look to have created an AI Psychologist called “Watson” where straight from your phone you will be able to interact with a psychologist that’s absolutely catered for you. The one argument to this over human interaction with a psychologist is that the AI doesn’t have pre conceptions or emotions so can give clear, concise advice.

As I said the future generation is going to be under so much more pressure and scrutiny than ever before and the statistics already point to that. IBM being able to capitalise and help out a future generation could have massive upside.

Bought the dip into IBM today and will look to add some more for sure.

IBM Watson And The Value Of Open

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When IBM split and Kyndryl are listed on the NYSE foreach 5 shares an IBM investor has they shall receive 1 Kyndryl.

In this case does this apply by ratio for fractional shares?

Also, does anyone know the deadline to buy more shares to be eligible?

Yes, you’ll get fractional shares up to 8 decimal places. Appears to be close of play 3rd November to get any more shares, there was a message in app.

Does anyone know when the share of Kyndryl would show up?

In the past :freetrade: have been slow to receive the actual shares from the broker responsible for the spin out. I would expect them within a few days.

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