[Idea] Manually run limit orders

On small cap listings the spread can be wide and limit orders don’t trigger automatically dispite hitting the area many many times. It would be great if i see the price i want on the live Google finance listing to be able to test the limit order myself. I don’t want to do a regularly manual order because I’m certain to get a price i don’t want.

If the limit order fails because the price is too high that’s great. At least i know. It would take the frustration out of buying small caps on freetrade.

You can work this out already by using a source for stock prices that shows the bid/ask (or bid/offer) spread. An easy and free source for this for UK stocks is the London Stock Exchange website. Just go to the stock’s page there (for example, https://www.londonstockexchange.com/stock/ARB/argo-blockchain-plc/company-page,) and look near the top of the page for ‘bid/offer’. The bid price is what market makers are prepared to pay for your shares, and the offer price is the price that they are offering to sell shares to you at. So if you’re selling, and the bid price is equal to or higher than the price you want to sell at, then your order should be taken up quickly. And inversely for buying and the offer price.


You kind of get that already. If the ask price is lower than your limit buy price, the limit order will complete immediately and you get a different message.

I normally leave my limit bids running anyway in case it dips down briefly again, but if it starts rising afterwards, you’ll know that you just missed the opportunity and it might be easier to cancel it.