Ideas we could think about from M1 finance and its auto invest and portfolio view

M1 finance is a US investing app that possesses a bunch of beautiful features i believe would also make freetrade a lot more powerful of an investing app.

Auto invest:
i know people already want this feature within freetrade however if we look at how M1 handles auto investing we can see that auto invest plays into many different parts of the app such as having it incorporate limit orders, so not only can you tell the app what % of stocks you want it to auto invest in, but also the price limit you want it to buy those stocks at.

Portfolio View:
The portfolio view features a pie graph alongside a bunch of folders, each folder represents a category of investments, such as finance, real estate and bonds, when opening one of these folders your presented with a list of investments you have in that sector. I think this would the a huge improvement to the portfolio section of freetrade’s app as right now all our stocks consist in one list and this list can extend for a while with enough stocks invested.

The folder system can also play into the auto investing system, for example instead of telling it specific stocks you can tell the auto invest to invest a % over several different folders such as banks and bonds, taking into account the limit orders on each individual stock the user has set within those folders.

These two features i personally value highly within investing apps and i think feetrade could potentially benefit hugely from improvements to their main portfolio view to include folders as this could play into other features down the road as well.

Interested to see what other people want from their portfolio view and auto investing :slight_smile:

When fractional shares are implemented this would be a great addition. Possibly link it with auto-balancing which I hear works great on M1. Auto-invest might be a bad name to use after all FT should not be picking the stocks/bonds it should be the user


I like it. Very interesting idea.


I’ve been watching the Joseph Carlson show on YouTube, he’s using M1 finance to showcase his dividend portfolio. It looks to have some incredible features that Freetrade could rebuild on their platform.

Low cost loans against the value of the portfolio is a super interesting method of creating revenue.

Here’s a link to the show: