Identity Check - System Needs a Coffee!

Have signed up, but been stuck at screen shown for two days! Any assistance appreciated, or is this normal?

Have you tried tapping the “Can we help?” link?

Yup, but it just seems to be a list of FAQ’s and nothing that really helps as far as I can see…

At this time of the evening, plus being Friday… I’m not sure what can be done… but perhaps if we notify someone like @Gemhappe or @MeghanB26 or @robjackson they may be able to shed some light when they see this thread. If not tonight, hopefully soon


Hey Derek :wave:

Sorry for the delay here. I can see that your account is good to go. A force close and reopen should do the trick - let me know if this works! :pray:


Yeah, that worked, thanks!


You’re very welcome - enjoy the rest of your weekend! :sunny:

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