IFTTT Integration

(Chris) #1

I think it would be very nice to get an IFTTT integration with Freetrade.

  • Weekly/Monthly Digests of your trades.
  • Logs my trades to a spreadsheet.
  • Send me a notification when shares I hold have jumped x% in either direction
  • If I’ve made a profit of x% then sell to the value of my original stake and keep only the profits invested.

(Vladislav Kozub) #2

Of all listed, I would say export in Excel format would be paramount for the majority users.


I see Monzo have just launched this functionality. Agree, it would be a nice to have with Freetrade and something to consider for the Roadmap.

(Greg) #4

It’s a nice idea and we can add it to the roadmap, more generally it would mean building an open API for managing your portfolio. We’re currently more focused on building an excellent app and user experience and expanding the stock/ETF universe, but I think we will probably offer portfolio export to spreadsheet in the app before we build an open API.

(Chris) #5

It’s definitely something for the ‘nice to have’ pile. Just thought I’d throw the idea out there.

(Chris) #7

Now that we have feature voting… :smiley:


This would be fantastic.

(Alex Sherwood) #9

You can vote for that idea here :smiley:

APIs for accessing user portfolio etc

(Andrew Clark) #10

I’ve been thinking about what IFTT integration would look like based on the suggestions over on the Monzo forum:
1: If I don’t buy a coffee then invest £2.50 in Starbucks instead.
2: Every time I get a new friend on Facebook invest £10 in Facebook shares
3: When I get a refund from Amazon, invest that money in Amazon

Anyone got any other ideas?

(Emma) #11

If they had income triggers you could have a rule to invest a certain percentage or automagically invest any extra monthly income (reduced direct debits or increased income)

Need more triggers or excessive spreadsheeting


Something like MoneyBox app but without the high fees.

(Emma) #14

Every time I have to pay Barclays fees then I buy 1 Barclays share.
Get some dividends from them to cover it :grin: