IHCU and HMCH where did these go?

I can’t see any reason why these disappeared from stock ETFs? Anyone have any info?

It’s not truly an answer, but link here

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Thanks, yeah I was doing some stats here yesterday and noticed they are been dropped. So it looks like a cost thing atm with China and a unknown (possibly cost) with the S&P Healthcare.

There was a reference to a data vendor issue.
Since I have experience in this area I would speculate it has something to do with how HSBC ETFs release their charges data via the European MiFID Template (EMT).
HSBC insist on releasing it in PDF format. This is allowable, but unfriendly. Most opt for XLS or CSV. It requires a bit of leg-work to make it useable. It is however only data manipulation so perfectly easy.
I quickly called the FinKi KIIDs API and got the following result…

…all Costs and Charges data served up via a simple API call …read directly from the providers EMT template with a little bit of magic and witchcraft behind the scenes!

Maybe their data vendor is rubbish? :zipper_mouth_face:
Most are… that’s why I had to build my own service :wink:


IHCU confuses me more. I have very few theories on why that would vanish.
iShares release their EMTs almost monthly - - I had an issue with their EMT is early 2020 but that issue was resolved.
Costs and Charges data is therefore easily available.
Trading is “fine” (volumes a bit average but perfectly normal). The spread is quite tight.
FinKi KIID API works nicely on this one too … although iShares haven’t released EMT data after Feb.


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I’d hope that @Ian is talking to @finki about buying an api service, or trying to persuade them to take a job at Freetrade!




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