IMPORTANT: Why we had to limit the US market on 29th January (not our choice and we engineered a solution)

That’s right. Payment for order flow is banned in the UK.


so point72 go around it internationally with a great fintech saas that is drivewealth. but conflicts of interest man. heads they win, tails they win. clever actually

Im not sure spamming the forum with your conspiracy theories is well placed.


So what? What’s that got to do with here? You’re spamming unfounded conspiratorial accusations across the forum. its not helpful


well the other related discussion is already shut and this is the elephant in the room

Does anyone know if AMC will open back up on freetrade to make limit purchases before Monday? I moved £1000 into my ISA prior to market open Friday purely to ride the wave of this massive surge but now it’s been blocked off I’m not really left with any options. Not blaming freetrade but I need to know whether this is happening or not so I can either sit tight and order place or request a withdrawal so I can chuck it into another trading platform. Also doesn’t help how slowly withdrawals are e

@Nyxius it;s happening across various platforms. i never bought amc and gme but this is worrying because the middlemen can do it to other stops How many stocks will Robinhood let you buy? The numbers keep shrinking - The Verge

in case of ft, i think relying on old school banks for fx can help with operations. this gme and amc-like runs arent going away. it’s the internet. i know wall st dont like it when they can pump and dump at suit conferences but we cant do it online

this is how its done btw. :clap:

i saw this from stake. i saw a similar post on twitter by

whate rh did was cringey

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Judging by what’s happening there is potential for AMC holders to make serious gains next week, several thousand in a few days, so I hope we hear back soon because I’m sure alot of us have our fingers on the trigger to either buy or pull out of FT


amc is trying to survive because cinemas

this noise isnt helpin during the paperwork but its kind of funny

their current business model has no future

careful about riding that pump and dump wave

What’s happening with AMC has nothing to do with their business model. It is all about showing the middle finger to hedge funds that bet against it

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what happens when hedge funds cut their losses. what’s next


What! They have already said they will refund everyone. But what are you doing investing the only money you have.


Not gonna lie if I only had £15 I wouldn’t be putting it in the Stock Market - I probably advise to try invest in yourself (Education, Experience) then hoping for some returns in the Stock Market


They’ve designed a solution to work with the 18x reduction in FX volume!
I hope they can get it over the line for US open but I would imagine they might need some time to test?


I think Ian mentioned somewhere they have been throttled on no. of trades. So they are looking to group trades together into batches so the number of trades is within what’s been imposed but that they can get more through

what losses? people could still sell or are you referring to the potential profits? also a genuine question in case I’m missing something

People bought at the high price. Then it drop the next day and are force to sell only and not buy.

That losses.

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They’re giving everyone a refund for January’s plus charge

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