Income Funds Request

Hello can you please add these income funds?

LEGAL & GENERAL HIGH INCOME,-prices--and--factsheets/search-results/l/legal-and-general-high-income-class-i-income

SANTANDER ENHANCED INCOME PORTFOLIO,-prices--and--factsheets/search-results/s/santander-enhanced-income-portfolio-class-i-income

AEGON DIVERSIFIED MONTHLY INCOME,-prices--and--factsheets/search-results/a/aegon-diversified-monthly-income-class-b-income

ROYAL LONDON MONTHLY INCOME BOND,-prices--and--factsheets/search-results/r/royal-london-monthly-income-bond-income


Freetrade is unable to offer these because it is strictly a stockbroker, and these are not stocks. Some other stockbrokers do also offer these kinds of funds alongside stock trading, but funds are a significantly type of product from stocks, and are not traded on a stock exchange. Some fund managers offer versions of some of their funds through stock markets as exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and if you’re interested in those types of investments, is a good place to search for specific ETFs that meet your criteria.


Stock request posts are supposed to be for one stock per request. More than one negates the voting system, which is there to help :freetrade: staff gauge demand. Though this isn’t officially laid out in the forum, it has been confirmed by Freetrade staff. If in future you wish to request any stocks, please keep it to one per post.

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Of course they can offer it. :woozy_face: Anything can be implemented.

Quite right. I want to invest in Space 1999 collectables. FT should add this.


With although respect I need official response from the employees of they can add this or not.


If you’re going to be condescending you could at least get your grammar right. That sentence is a car crash.


Well, yes, anything can be implemented. But this wouldn’t be a matter of just adding four funds, it would be a matter of beginning to sell an entirely different category of investment products, and setting up a new administrative system to deal with that. I thought perhaps you didn’t fully realise what you were asking for here. Apologies if you did.

If you would like a direct response from Freetrade staff, you might consider emailing them (, as they seem to rarely respond to messages on this forum. If you get a reply, it would be great if you could share that with everyone here.

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what about mind your own business! you have no idea the ins and out in Freetrade cos no one really knows - this request is not for you to answer you don’t work for them.

I didn’t asked you to be triggered. And why are you commenting in this post when the question is not aim at you?

Welcome to the community forum.

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A category request is not part of the community forum. A community forum is in General where anything goes.

Seems like you out of place on this one.

So where did you make the request, if not on the community forum?

Seems like you are the one out of place, buddy.

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