Increase £25K Order Cap

Firstly, thanks for taking the time to write a long response. It’s good to see people who think this might happen having reasoned arguments rather than just posting rocket emojis.

I’m not sure how much of the other threads you’ve read, but the reason this subject typically gets this kind of lukewarm response is that although we’ve had a week off, in previous weeks this subject has been brought up multiple times daily by people who only joined the forums to post about the £25k limit, failing to notice the many other threads about it, using a profusion of emojis and being quite rude to anyone who thinks the scenario is less likely than they do.

I hope you’re right, I really do. It’d be lovely if people here made this kind of windfall. If it does, maybe my 0.2 GME will cover my losses from this week. But I wouldn’t count on it.


I know, I own some BRK.B! Doesn’t change the fact that BRK.A is trading over 420,000 though. What was your point?

Why say Buffet refused to do a stock split then?

He did a stock split.

What was your point?

Thank you for your considered response!

I wondered if there might be some exhaustion over this topic, but I’ve only just got here myself. I have been in contact with Freetrade support a lot, but I figured this was the best place to offer my limit sell suggestion as I enjoy having fruitful discussions about it. Especially if I’m wrong about something! Let’s all learn together!

I’m not keen on using emojis to get my case across. I’m not keen on being rude either. I am keen on getting all of the facts together to make an informed desicion. That’s how I’ve gone about investing in GME and AMC. The data is there to work with, and the longer this goes the more data is brought forward!

I wish you luck with your 0.2 shares, but I would keep in mind fractional shares do not hold the same rights as whole shares. I had fractionals of Tesla on trading 212 last year, and they sold them without notice as the stock split happened. And they were totally allowed to sell them. Maybe some one on here can attest to Freetrade’s policy on Fractionals?

This is what I’m referring to, not that BRK.A and BRK.B are different stocks. This article talks about how Buffet refuses to split his shares.

I think I used the wrong termanology, saying he won’t split stocks, when he actually won’t split shares.

So you are referring to GME.

I am now, but I didn’t bring it up first did I!

You didn’t need to. The only people concerned about this limit are new investors investing in GME with some deluded belief the price is going from $150 to $25000.

It’s been brought up and addressed so many times before it’s tiresome every time someone posts a new thread about it.

If you are seriously worrying about this just use another platform without the cap.


There’s a sizeable body of evidence to support this as a possibility, so I think we can go without calling people’s investment strategies deluded - the only thing it adds to the discussion is emotions.

@DividendnediviD This has been covered at length and answered in this thread. The long and short of it is that Freetrade have said “Our product team have reviewed this and confirmed that the maximum order limit will be increased. The details of when this will happen and by how much are currently under review.”

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And yet here we are with the share price at $155…161x off $25000.

It can’t be very convincing evidence can it?

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Ok, I didn’t realise it has been so tiresome for you. That does sound like a drag, but your dissmissiveness has not *been professional or helpful. I am sorry that other people have been rude about this. I don’t think that’s productive either, and you as a human being deserve to be treated better.

Maybe we can take a step back together, take a deep breath and try to speak to each other like peers?

If I can put together a solid PDF with sourced information would you and the team consider it or dismiss it?

And honestly if Freetrade allowed transfering accounts without forcing me to sell all of my shares then I would consider moving to another platform. But selling hurts the bull thesis. I have continued to purchase shares through other brokers as well.

I think Freetrade handled the Tesla and Apple stock split very well last year, and your transparency in January was very reassuring. But telling me to leave the platform sort of undermines that. Instead of asking me to leave, maybe we can work together to a find a mutual understanding on this topic? I’m not even asking to agree, just to understand where I’m coming from.

Appreciate the link, thank you! I shall have a good read over this.

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Look, we all wish GME will get to $25k, we also know its never going to happen.

I don’t care what info or DD people believe, I just have to remind myself, that in order for it to get to $25k nearly 2 trillion dollars has to be invested into it. That’s about 1/15th of the total US stock market.

So where is the money going to come from?


Just to be clear, almost everyone on the forums is just a regular user, and all opinions are their own. The very few who are staff will be clearly visible from the tag next to their name.


I think if the theory is, if I for even 1 second, believed that the price would go anywhere near 25k then I would transfer to another provider to avoid the risk instantly. It takes seconds to do and avoids any risk. I don’t get the trying to change a platform on a pipe dream when if it can happen any time. If this was the case I would be moving instantly.

If it can’t happen any time then that means FT have time to react as they said they would if the unlikely happened. Either way the options end up, A) if you believe it will rise to go to a safe platform to not miss the squeeze that can happen any time or B) trust FT will react as they said they would. Simple options really. :+1:

The 67 trillion dollar insurance policy the DTCC has? And that’s only once the hedge funds are liquidated.

Also refer to jbjb’s link. It’s got good information in it.

Ah ok, it says founder so I assumed they were on the team, my bad!

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How did you get your number? The geometric mean calculations were already performed on this and found that at 25k a share the total payout would likely be between 106 and 217 billion, assuming the stock was 150% short.

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I bet he wishes he was the founder :joy:


GME has 71 million shares issued, times $25k

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