Increased Graph Precision

Can we get some increased precision on the stock graphs. The daily graph is in 4 minute increments ~ 200 data points, whereas the 7 day graph is in daily increments = 7 data points!

It would be much more useful to at least have hourly figures on the 7 day graph, so I can actually see the trends. See screenshots below:

Would also be nice to have markers on the graph when we bought or sold shares.


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Does anyone experience in-accuracies within their graph?

I often find when Iā€™m tracking my Investment Total throughout the day (during market hours), that the graph is inconsistent. For example; when I scroll back through the previous few hours of that day by rolling my finger along the timeline, it shows a different total to that which was shown to me at the actual time. (more than the markets fluctuation, as I track within other apps too).

Anyone else get this? And is it just a case of lag / the market moving faster than the total can refresh? It seems to be quite off at times - making buying and selling a bit hard to time right.

Thanks :upside_down_face:

Also would be nice to change the time intervals, or add more. Having just 1M and 1Y is not great, especially when you consider the platform is targeted at long-term investors. Would be good to have a 6M one and 3Y and 5Y as well(at least for future references).

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Yeah, I agree.

Apple Stocks for reference has; 6m / 1y / 2y / 5y increments, which is great when looking back over the historical fluctuation of a stock / or in the above case, your personal portfolio.

I agree with this. there is so many data points on the one day graph but as soon as you go onto the 7 day graph there is barely any data there for any individual stock.
This is so confusing because there is barely any data points on my whole portfolio 1 day graph view on the home screen and basically looks similar to the 7 day view on any individual stock.