Indentity checks

I am having trouble getting my identity verified even after sending photos of my driving licence and scans of letters from hmrc. Emails are coming in from Jack Harding and James and they keep asking for more and more info.

Please can you verify that this is not some elaborate identity theft. Have others had these vigorous checks by email?


I was asked for details too, I think it is normal, not a scam!

I also found it really disconcerting that details were requested over email though - it’s really not appropriate for private financial info IMO and they should have sorted out a private secure upload server by now. I do hope at least docs are deleted from all servers after verification.

If Freetrade can’t verify you easily, then legally they have to confirm your identity. It is a regulated company so you should have no fears about identity theft.


Just out of interest, what documents are they going to ask from me? Still waiting for the android app to be released and would like everything ready to go.

Due to the nature of our business we complete a KYC (Know Your Customer) check, this process is a way to verify the identity of our customers. If we cannot verify your details automatically we require 2 specific documents in certain forms (e.g. photo of original, pdf, etc) in order to carry out a manual check.

Whilst we do this via email right now, we are working to build an in-app solution in the future.

If you have any questions, you can contact us via in-app chat.


I’d guess that it’ll be passport or driving licence for identity plus utility bill or bank statement for address.

We’ve listed the documents that we can accept here -


It’s only if there’s an issue that you need to provide these ID’s. Otherwise it’ll just be your NI number that is needed.

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