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Hi all, a few people I know who I generally think know their stuff when it comes to this have brought this company up with me. Started by ex-PayPal staff it’s a rival currency-come-payment system tailing the bitcoin trend.

I have signed up as it’s perked my interest but need to do a lot more digging. Interested to know thoughts from other people, and if you want to sign up I can give 5 referrals, (my partners link is here too so there are 5 more)

edit everything below is blurb from the copied link and is not my opinion!

edit no.2 my first 5 referrals ran out and after a set period of time you get allocated more (other than gamification there is clearly no reason for them to restrict amounts of referrals if the aim is to get as many people on board as possible!) so I have removed the old links and added the new.

This is a new currency and payment network built by ex-PayPal guys, called Initiative Q. The Q currency is currently being allocated for free if you are invited by an existing member.
The idea is that if millions of people join, Q could become a leading payment network, and, according to well-known economic models, that means the value of the reward would be around $130,000.
The amount you reserve decreases every day, and each member has a limited number of invites.

Here is my invite link:

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Article which shows a critic and a response from the company, still figuring it all out myself… initial thought is good marketing but high risk of smoke and mirrors. Won’t be providing anything but an email address at the moment!

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er…yeah, good luck :smiley:


This thread has been spamming Monzo community and now it here. :roll_eyes:


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If that’s the case it must be doing what it wanted to do then :wink: sounds successful!

Haha in all seriousness I have no opinions, as stated above I am very sceptical and am still looking into it. If you have it a look when you saw it on monzo I would be interested to know your opinion?

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Couldnt be more like a pyramid if it had 4 triangular sides, a point at the top and a pharaoh inside

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Thanks the post Jeff, interesting read :slight_smile: Clearly backed by people with rep, interesting to see how it rolls out further.


The only thing it has to do is replace the dollar and other currencies as a medium of exchange! The difficulty of doing that is inadvertently signalled in its fairly manipulative signup mechanism - the future value of your Qs, denominated in, er, dollars. Good luck to them.

(If you’re looking for a brand new crypto, look into ODB which at least has the virtue of being connected to the Wu-Tang Clan, though they missed a trick in not calling it it Ol’ Dirty Blockcoin.)


Post on MSE about this. I agree with them that the claims are outrageous and there’s a low barrier to entry ( giving email / name ) and to be careful going further as in given money or more personal information. That just a little bit more mentality is dangerous.

Just throwing this out there; what if this is a research project on virality or human behaviour? :wink:

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I think that would be a good prediction! It’s interesting that although no one is willing to say good things about this here the 5 people I am allowed to refer came from the link I posted here in 1 day.

and the MSE assessment looks fair and balanced too!


I signed up on this under Jeff to see what’s inside and of course I’m not holding my breath. At all. If it turns out to be real, then great! If not, then they can have my secondary email and a fake name. :grin:


It’s real… if everyone does what they hope and switches to using it for all of their transactions, globally. Which is a big if. And why it’s not real.


Hey! It says you need to verify me, have you got any left?


Purely for the curious, rather than an actual recommendation, here is my invite link:

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Hey I only got 5 referrals to begin with but after a bit of time you get another 10 (just part of the gamification I think) the new link is:

Here is my invite link:

I will replace the originals too.


I’ll leave my invite link here too.