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Eventually having a single view of what sectors, or countries makeup your Portfolio like iShares ETF visualisation ( see below ) would push Freetrade ahead of the competition.

Other insights like which sectors have done well for you would also be interesting.

I suspect the biggest challenge is getting the data in a easy to use format.

iShares ETF visualisation


As you can see, we have started rolling out our new Insights feature to a few of you (but not yet everyone), who signed up to test. We will keep iterating this feature as we move forward and we will keep adding more of you to get more feedback!

Once again, this feature is in “Beta” and will be iterated as we continue to improve the feature.

Thanks for helping us test! :heart_eyes:


Great work @jani, really like the look and can see this being really useful as more insights are added.

My question, what’s displayed in the centre of the pie if it’s a 50/50 split? Easter egg?


image maybe this?


It’s looking good, would be interesting to see my US/UK split!

In future you could consider having one larger pie chart, instead of 2 tabs for location & type, but with many filters in a similar way to discover so you can combine several filters as well as look at each one separately… :thinking:

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Great to have this - I think this will become a really useful feature. Agree that it is somewhat misleading at the moment as £VUSA counts as a UK share, I would rather the graph represents where the actual holdings are rather than where the ETF is traded. Appreciate that is probably a lot of manual work for freetrade though!


Google Play Store restricts download the app while abroad. I travel a lot most of the year abroad and finding it hard to update the FreeTrade app.
Please consider providing a solution for users abroad such as direct APK link or something you consider suitable.

The percentages are always to 1 decimal place, but it should probably be to 3 significant figures as “100.0%” seems overkill.

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Hi @jani

A great start on insights, although I struggle to reconcile the bonds % against my portfolio… by Bonds do you mean Bonds held in an ETF? such as INXG or VUCP ?

In future I am hoping to see an insight into ETFs as a percentage of portfolio in addition to Stocks and Bonds and Cash.

It would also be useful to drill down from insight to a list of stocks that comprise the particular segment. I think this will be increasingly useful when you start to provide insights by sector / industry.

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A good start
I would like to see a breakdown based on sector.
Also stocks with dividends (maybe a section to show the dividend yield of the entire portfolio.
And of course the total percentage gain/loss not including cash.


We’re about to start testing this new tab on iOS within the next couple of days :muscle:

iOS users can register here to take part in the testing & if you’re on Android, it’s not to late for you to register to test this too..

Here’s how it looks on iOS :pie:


Done :raised_hands: :freetrade:


Can’t wait to have a play with this! :slight_smile:

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Done :white_check_mark: looking forward to the trial

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Looking forward to this! Pretty sure it’ll change how I understand my portfolio!

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Done, cannot wait to have a look!

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Registered :white_check_mark:

My breakdown does not add up to 100% :open_mouth:

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Hey all,

I’ve just enabled our Beta version (first look at our work in progress) of Insights for the first 20 iOS users who signed up to test. Remember to update to the latest build to get this access and for those who don’t have it yet, it will come soon! :gift:

:triangular_flag_on_post: Again, this is our first iteration so improvements and more sections will come very soon. Do let us know how it works for you and keep your eyes :eyes: peeled for further updates. Happy testing :muscle: :blush:


Showing ok on mine thanks

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