Instant debit card top-up for a fee

I know this has been raised many times. There should be a vote on this I believe. Since there is a cost for Freetrade to do an instant top-up I suggest setting a fee that will cover the full cost + may be some % margin for Freetrade.

Are there people interested in instant top-up even if it means paying a small fee?

Given the delays with the current system I agree this is a good idea, but I think you should change your title to debit card, you wouldn’t want to encourage gambling with debt. This was the biggest hurdle during onboarding I felt - you want people to be able to sign up and invest immediately.

Hopefully the current funding method is a stop gap, it would be nice to know the long term plans on this.

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Great idea. Or free instant rip up for Alpha users :eyes:

The long term plan is to enable users to fund their Freetrade account without leaving the app, using Open Banking :slight_smile:


Definitely! We’re working on it -