Intercom Improvements

(Rob N) #1

I’m wondering how the intercom could be enhanced.

When first opening the chat screen I had to search around the screen to create a new chat, it would be good if there was something pointing me towards it as it looks a bit like a blank screen at first - I wondered if there was an error…

Does anyone else have any further suggestions on how to improve the intercom?


A Help tab would great, stick it i there along with other stuff like links to guides and faq etc


When the device requires a passcode or TouchID the Intercom widget disappears. Would it be possible to keep track of whether it was open?

(Alex Sherwood) #4

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(Rob N) #5

It was mentioned in another thread about reducing the amount of conversation rating requests as it’s currently on most chats.

On a postive note the time it takes for a reply has been amazing so far :clap:

I’m also intrigued how all the feedback is categorised, I’m imagining a massive excel spreadsheet with tally’s for how many people mention a certain topic!

(Kenny Grant) #6

I’d like to see:

  • No emails of chats - this is really insecure way to store chats which can contain personal info - other financial institutions never email personal info for good reason
  • Less prompts to rate the chat experience
  • A way to delete/hide old chats
  • A help tab as suggested