Internal GIA to ISA transfers?

:eyes::popcorn: Day 3 and still waiting. Has yours moved @Emina1?

Thank you @Gemhappe for your reply. I understand businesses have pressures from time to time but this was not communicated at the start and my expectations were based on the earlier post by @Nicola which made it sound like it was the same day. Having almost £2,000 lay around without an ETA when it will move doesn’t give good impression especially when I could have probably withdrawn it in the timescales.

Hi mate last week I sold everything ready to transfer, then I had to wait until funds settled which happened Tuesday afternoon Andy finally today about 3pm it was transferred over to the isa. I was gutted too because I wanted to spend a lot on Qualcomm but my funds weren’t ready and they shot up like 20%. Sods law.


When Vanguard have issues that mean a buy or sell fails or is delayed, they’ll make sure you haven’t lost out by giving you the expected price (but always in your favour).

Since the expectation here was same-day turn-around (before your trade has even settled), I think Freetrade should do the right thing and also make up for your loss by giving you 20% more of those shares (or whatever the appropriate math on that is).

Is the expection something that was actually said would happen?

Yes, see the top of this thread.

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Is there a way I can transfer money from my basic account straight into my FT ISA?

I’ve been accumulating funds in my basic account and want to bypass the process of transferring that money into my bank account and then back into my FT ISA.

At the moment you have to sell and repurchase. I believe the future they are planning an easy way of doing it though

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Thanks for the quick reply!

I’ve just moved these posts over to keep all of the info about this process in one place. As Jonny says we’re planning to make this easier for you in the future :raised_hands:

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For moving money (not shares), supposedly putting in a request with in-app support should work, avoiding the transfer out to your bank account.

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Ah - that’s exactly what I’m looking for :+1: