International Airlines Group (IAG)

Interesting, I didn’t know that. Despite that I would have thought it’d be fairly easy to make Nationality capture part of the user profile, and then they could record that info as part of the purchase?

But I guess it just comes down to where it sits on the priority list.

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How are dual citizenship handled?

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Request IAG (International Consolidated Airline Group SA) as an addition.


Pretty sure that’s a stock that requires a Nationality Declaration behind the scenes at point of trade matching/settlement. Tough to do on an aggregated trade - so you might get it as an instant order only but not yet as part of the 4pm batch (free) run.

I could be wrong. That article is pretty out of date given the stocks it mentions that have since appeared in the app.

That’s progress for ya.

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Anyone knows if there is any update on the nationality declaration?

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That’s a question for the Ops guys and girls at FT.
I’d expect not.
I’d suggest time is best spent elsewhere.
This is not a massive issue as it restricts only a relative few stocks.
Annoying for you but not a big issue in the grand scheme of things.


To the contrary, I for one would argue that coming up with a solution to the nationality declaration problem should be among Freetrade’s priorities.

After all, nigh-on every other broker offers access to major Ftse 100 stocks, such as IAG. To my mind, this is an example of where FT lags behind the offer of traditional brokers rather than improves upon it.


Yes and No. It laggs behind, but compared to all the features FT is currently working on, this is irrelevant for only a couple of stocks.
Airlines are poor investments imho anyway.

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I’d argue that it’s far from irrelevant, especially given that IAG, EZJ, RYA and BA alone have 200-odd votes between them — more than any other stock request or idea on this forum.


Also hoping this comes to FT


Hi, can you please add IAG and other nationality required stocks in the app discover tab as greyed-out stocks? With a message that one cannot trade them because of lack of nationality declaration?

Or even simply greyed out, instead of forcing people to go to the forum, potentially for the first time, to discover that it has been requested and there are reasons why it’s not in the app.


I don’t think it’s acceptable to completely backburner or not add them because of nationality declaration being mandatory

It’s possible, isn’t it? people need to keep coming here and requesting it so Freetrade prioritizes it


Now that IAG no longer restricts non-EU nationals from ownership, which I assume means no further requirement for nationality declaration, when can we gets this FTSE100 company added?


No, they still need the declaration. EU airlines can’t be majority owned by non-EU shareholders, so they still need to know where you’re from.

If they’re allowing non-EU citizens to buy again it must mean they’re confident they won’t be breaching the rules.

(EDIT: the press release confirms that is indeed why. When they excluded non-EU people from buying they owned 47.5% of the business. Now it’s down to 39.5% they feel they won’t breach the rules and can allow non-EU people to buy again.)

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Thanks for the clarification, John.

Definitely would like to see this added

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Would be great to have IAG (International Consolidated Airlines Group as a stock option)

More focus on small cap stock?
Potential for options to be traded?

Can we have IAG added to the list of shares where we can invest please?

And all the travel related stocks. It would be good to stock up at this cheap prices.


IAG - Can we add some airline stocks and in specific IAG, Easy Jet