International Consolidated Airlines

International Consolidated Airlines ( AIG )

This Airline group will be in great position to rule the sky’s after Covid as it’s raised billion’s and share price has surly bottomed out great recovery play .

No one should be positive on airlines. IAG as well as most others would already be bankrupt if it weren’t for government and private bailouts. They burn 500 million a month and only fly at 20% capacity into a wholly unknown future.


Understand your feelings yes AIG has diluted there share value to raise billions to make sure they see this dreadful COVID-19 out , but once confidence returns AIG will be stronger than most airlines and be in a position to control the future of airline travel and yes looks very unattractive right now but hopefully in 6months time everything will look different in the world and I believe AIG will be in a position to reap the rewards so would like the opportunity to buy in for the future.

I am all for you being able to buy it, that’s why I linked the initial request thread that explains why it’s not on yet :smile:

Cheers Sebreitz I’m sure if it gets added your be watching to see if it burns or boosts value

What makes IAG stronger than most airlines?

Dominate Airline in Europe great routes & volume , Airport landing slots also cash reserves major restructuring program implemented