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Oh yes, I’ve already seen these! Just can’t seem to find the specificities you’ve mentioned. Could you point to the specific page perhaps? :sweat_smile:

Hmmmm. Misreporting is fraud and I’m Mr Thompson is aware if that. Much as I am not keen on the management the unions are far from squeaky clean. Do you still tell staff to take their week sick? I got bullied for not going sick!

I got sacked for being off sick for 1 day (leg injury) .True Story :rofl:. But they had to reinstate me as it was illegal… So that episode cost them 2 weeks paid ‘leave’.

I’ve never known of anyone being asked/told or bullied into taking sick leave… Sorry to hear it happened to you :frowning:

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I don’t understand wat you’re wanting me to find for you? Receipts for all the money Royal Mail spent??
Have a watch of this, explains things perfectly.

You must be talking about a very long time ago with a very outdated point of view. The reality nowadays is quite the opposite.

Without getting into a he said she said type of debate, I’ve know Royal Mail workers who have been off sick to receive 20+ phone calls in one day from the manager pestering them to come back off the sick.

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