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I’m a postie. 100% the deal will be rejected!! It’s shocking!! 2%, 6% next year, 2% year after. Working longer in winter, got to work 28 hours for free winter 2023 as good will, changes to sick pay, later finish times but no one will say how much later. Massive NO vote!

Sadly I think the management and the unions will keep arguing until there is nothing left to fight about. It reminds me of the miners in the 1980’s.
Before anyone says who will deliver the post. There is hardly any post and Amazon will deliver the few important letters there are. RIP the Roal Mail and the CWU.

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It does sound like they’re talking themselves into inevitable death. Royal Mail is currently dragging the business into losses (at least over this last year). Industrial action seems to be partially to blame. The rest of the business has been steadily profitable.

Once people go elsewhere they’re unlikely to come back. Which is a shame because other parts of RM have been improving their service options

In the last few days, this has become my best performing individual stock having held on grimly through the bad times!


Hey everyone, trust your well.

Has the dividend been cut?

Many thanks


Yep. It seems the dividends have been suspended.

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What is the likelihood that dividends will be reintroduced in future?

Isn’t it normal for companies to reduce and even cut dividents in high interest eras, especially the struggling companies.

The billion pound debt doesn’t help them either. Surprised its not gone insolvent yet

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Not having a good Christmas either their parcel arm (Parcelforce)is extremely quiet for this time of the year. You have to fear for its future

There have been rumours around some corners of the internet that dividends will restart soon.

These are rumours, so in truth, who knows :thinking:

Lots of noise about the USO. If that changes to 5 days we will see mayhem. No way I would like to predict what will happen in the market.

The Board of International Distributions Services plc (“IDS” or the “Company”) notes the recent announcement made by EP Corporate Group a.s. (“EP Group”) regarding a possible offer for the Company.

The Board of IDS (the “Board”) confirms that on 9 April 2024 it received a preliminary and conditional non-binding proposal from EP Group regarding a possible cash offer for the entire issued and to be issued share capital of IDS not already owned by EP Group and its affiliates, namely VESA Equity Investment S.à r.l (“VESA Equity”) at 320 pence per share (the “Possible Offer”). VESA Equity is an approximately 27.5% shareholder in IDS.

The Board, together with its advisers, carefully considered the Possible Offer and concluded it significantly undervalues IDS and its future prospects. Accordingly, the Board unanimously rejected the proposal on 11 April 2024.

The Board believes the timing of the proposal is opportunistic. It does not reflect the growth potential and prospects of the Company under a new management team, a significant modernisation programme underway at Royal Mail, and the ongoing review by Ofcom in relation to the Future of the Universal Service Obligation.

There can be no certainty that any firm offer for IDS will be made, nor as to the terms on which any firm offer might be made. IDS shareholders are advised to take no action in relation to the Possible Offer. A further announcement will be made when appropriate.

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Have to say, I don’t think much of the board for this. The company is worth a lot more

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Closing at 315p suggests the market doesn’t think this will fly. What could cause the offer to be accepted yet the market not have faith of the deal competing?