Introduce yourself 👋

(Mike J) #66

Hey folks,

Name is mike and have been into penny stocks and day trading for a while now. Can’t wait for this to open and work!

(Alvie) #67

Hi :wave:

My name is Alvie and I’m from the UK. As a young adult, I’m looking into starting to invest and hopefully Freetrade will make this a little easier and cheaper for me :slight_smile:. I know it’s still in its early stages so I’d like to say good luck to the Freetrade team :smile:

Also, I am an android user and somewhere like 30k in the queue.

(Stephanie Fuller) #68

So I’ve landed here! I’m mid 40’s and already investing in property but really interested to learn about how I can control investing on the markets. Hopefully successfully! Stephanie

(Luke Thompson) #69

Hello hello!

I’m Luke, an eager young’un from England’s greatest ocean city. (with the best Fish&Chips of course!)
I work in the hotel industry and enjoy socializing and learning new things!


:thinking: I’d guess, but I’d get it wrong and offend the lot of you… :wink:

(Georgi) #71

Hi im Georgi im 23 originally from Bulgaria currently living in London.
I have nothing to do with the financial industry really - im a chef , but I love researching companies and the stock market and my big goal is to achieve financial freedom.Been investing kind of on and off the last 2 years , but now with Freetrade I think I finally have a platform where I can start building my portfolio with a long term approach.

(Jefferson Bonnaire) #72


I am Jefferson, I am French and I have been living in England for over 3 years now. My day-to-day job is Technical Business Analyst and own my spare time I like to create new business and build projects.

I am just here to start investing and see how I can improve my financial wealth.


Welcome Jefferson, great to have you here.

(RJC) #74

Hello, I’m Rory.

A friend told me about this app, so I’m here to check it out. That’s pretty much it really!

Look forward to chatting with you all. :slight_smile: