Introduce yourself 👋

(Mike J) #66

Hey folks,

Name is mike and have been into penny stocks and day trading for a while now. Can’t wait for this to open and work!

(Alvie) #67

Hi :wave:

My name is Alvie and I’m from the UK. As a young adult, I’m looking into starting to invest and hopefully Freetrade will make this a little easier and cheaper for me :slight_smile:. I know it’s still in its early stages so I’d like to say good luck to the Freetrade team :smile:

Also, I am an android user and somewhere like 30k in the queue.

(Stephanie Fuller) #68

So I’ve landed here! I’m mid 40’s and already investing in property but really interested to learn about how I can control investing on the markets. Hopefully successfully! Stephanie

(Luke Thompson) #69

Hello hello!

I’m Luke, an eager young’un from England’s greatest ocean city. (with the best Fish&Chips of course!)
I work in the hotel industry and enjoy socializing and learning new things!


:thinking: I’d guess, but I’d get it wrong and offend the lot of you… :wink:

(Georgi) #71

Hi im Georgi im 23 originally from Bulgaria currently living in London.
I have nothing to do with the financial industry really - im a chef , but I love researching companies and the stock market and my big goal is to achieve financial freedom.Been investing kind of on and off the last 2 years , but now with Freetrade I think I finally have a platform where I can start building my portfolio with a long term approach.

(Jefferson Bonnaire) #72


I am Jefferson, I am French and I have been living in England for over 3 years now. My day-to-day job is Technical Business Analyst and own my spare time I like to create new business and build projects.

I am just here to start investing and see how I can improve my financial wealth.


Welcome Jefferson, great to have you here.

(RJC) #74

Hello, I’m Rory.

A friend told me about this app, so I’m here to check it out. That’s pretty much it really!

Look forward to chatting with you all. :slight_smile:

(Jules Dias) #75

Hi everyone,

I’m Jules, I’m a novice invester. My usual go-to is Hargreaves Lansdown and I usually invest in mutual funds but I wanted a Robinhood style platform for the UK.

My intention is to generate a second income & grow my portfolio.

(DeepRed) #76

Hello all,

Deep here. I live & work in London. I started stock trading in my early days of the career in India. Now I’ve bought stocks from UK, Swedish and US markets.

I look forward to learning to use Freetrade and the suggestions from all to improve my trading skills.

I’m on android, so can’t wait for the app to start working.


I’m Mayday, I’m a musician and I’ve always wanted to own shares of Nintendo. Something simple but something I’ve always wanted. That’s what got me into it and the fact FT is a free trading UK BASED app, is why I’m here.

(cheryl) #78

Hello Alex, and everyone in the Freetrade Community. I recently heard about Robinhood and loved the concept. I was so excited to learn that the UK has its own free trade movement going on right here! I can’t wait to become part of it.


Hello guys, nice to meet u all :slight_smile:

(Jason McIntosh) #80

Hello! I’m Jason. Eagerly awaiting the Android rollout of the app (incidentally, does anyone know when that will be?). Hold some small investments through work, but looking forward to diversifying!

(Alex Sherwood) #81

Welcome Jason! :wave:

The app for the Android waitlist is in the Play Store now & we’ll be releasing the full app early next year :muscle: Keep an eye on this thread for updates.


Hey I’m Carl. I like dancing and creating music. Nice to be hear. Is there any tutorial links to learn how to get around the Free trade Platform? Thanks and nice to be here. Peace .

(Emma) #83

Doesn’t really need one, it’s very user friendly at the moment

(James Shaw) #84

Hiya, I’m James. First time considering investing at all, spurred to look into it by podcasts advertising Robinhood. I’m just post-uni and I suppose looking to make more interesting use of my savings to date. I love to learn and am currently just doing my research while I wait for the android version to roll out.


Ok thanks… so how do I see the charts etc :slightly_smiling_face: