Introduce yourself 👋

(Alex Sherwood) #86

I’ll send you a direct message :slight_smile:

(Alexander) #87

Hi :wave: I’m Alex - newish to trading. Hoping to learn a lot here with everyone.


Hi I’m Sam :wave:

I’m a self employed writer/artist who currently trades crypto, I’m looking to dip my toes into stocks and this app seems like an easy way to get started.

(Ollie) #89


I’m Ollie - been waiting for this kind of app for years and am looking forward to chucking in a few quid every month for fun. If all goes well I may chuck in a few more:-)


Hi I’m Lin, mother of 3 and work as a Med Sec in my local hospital. I got the crowdfunding bug in 2016 and it’s been a great learning curve. Hobbies are playing the armchair dragon, nutrition and Pilates. . Now Looking to expand my financial education further by chatting with you guys. It’s great to find this community!

(Philip Greenfield) #91

Hi community! I’m Phil and I work in real estate. My hobbies are travelling and reading. I started investing a few years back with robo advisors and now I want do start trading stocks/funds myself. It’s great to be here and hope to learn a lot from you guys!

(Vivian Lobo) #92

Hey All,

Been on freettrade for a while but never visited the communities before. Glad to be here and ready to learn.