Introduce yourself 👋

(Alex Sherwood) #86

I’ll send you a direct message :slight_smile:

(Alexander) #87

Hi :wave: I’m Alex - newish to trading. Hoping to learn a lot here with everyone.


Hi I’m Sam :wave:

I’m a self employed writer/artist who currently trades crypto, I’m looking to dip my toes into stocks and this app seems like an easy way to get started.

(Ollie) #89


I’m Ollie - been waiting for this kind of app for years and am looking forward to chucking in a few quid every month for fun. If all goes well I may chuck in a few more:-)


Hi I’m Lin, mother of 3 and work as a Med Sec in my local hospital. I got the crowdfunding bug in 2016 and it’s been a great learning curve. Hobbies are playing the armchair dragon, nutrition and Pilates. . Now Looking to expand my financial education further by chatting with you guys. It’s great to find this community!

(Philip Greenfield) #91

Hi community! I’m Phil and I work in real estate. My hobbies are travelling and reading. I started investing a few years back with robo advisors and now I want do start trading stocks/funds myself. It’s great to be here and hope to learn a lot from you guys!

(Vivian Lobo) #92

Hey All,

Been on freettrade for a while but never visited the communities before. Glad to be here and ready to learn.


Hi Ya! I Jumped on the Free Trade Bus at round 3900~ loving It! what a fantastic concept.

(Lorenzo) #94

Greetings Freetraders! I’m Lorenzo :ok_man: :v:

(Paul) #95

Hello community.
New user here.
Just introducing myself.
I queue jump would be very much appreciated if possible.

Thanks people

(Louise Bineyquaye) #96

I am Louise I got scammed by a fake trader online trading crypto’s (Binary option) however I am not giving up. I am here to learn and expand my knowledge in investing and trading stocks. I believe being here is safe and will be able to learn a lot as a newbie. I am hopeful.

(Georgi) #97

Guys I wanted to share with you my blog I started a while ago. It is going to follow my path from living on 2 quid a day to hopefully being financialy independent down the road using Freetrade.
I am going to share my progress aswell as useful tips which I am picking up along the way.
If anyone want to have a read -
It is still quite new and have a lot to improve, but hope you guys enjoy it.

(Slobodanka Vlaskovic) #98


Newbie in trading and very late with my introduction.

Born Macedonian, 100% Serb, proud FreeTrade community member. London based.



Greetings and salutations

Will be Android user

Meanwhile… Procrastinating

(Jeremy Walker) #100

Hello and nice to meet you all! My name’s Jeremy and I’m an amateur investor at present. Started a few years ago through the burst in cryptocurrencies and have since moved onto stocks and have a robo advisor ISA too. Loving the app so far and enjoying gradually building my dream portfolio! A digital marketer by day and really passionate about emerging and disruptive technologies!

I’ve mentioned it in the stock request section, but very keen to see The Trade Desk (TTD) in the app - fast growing media giant!

(Alex Sherwood) #101

Hey Jeremy, welcome to the community :wave:

Thanks for requesting TTD, hopefully we can include them in one of the upcoming batches of new stocks.

It’s cool to hear that you started out with cryptocurrencies, I reckon quite a few of the people who’re investing with us for the first time did. I’m looking forward to hearing how you get on & whether we manage to persuade you to switch from that robo-advisor :smile:


Isa and in due course sipp transfers hint hint

(Jeremy Walker) #103

Thanks Alex :smile: I’ll be at the meetup next week so would be good to chat more!

Re: robo advisor, trouble is, being a relatively new investor (within the last 5 years), as mentioned I still consider myself amateur, so for that reason I see freetrade as investing somewhat with my heart in tech mainly, tesla, amd, square etc. Where as the robo advisor weights my money based on data, expected returns and isn’t concerned by the company.

Plus, investing in both gives more chance of a diversified portfolio…

However - always open to change things if I hear a good argument! :wink:

(Happy St Patrick’s Day ) #104

A diverse portfolio of ETFs will do the same thing but without having to pay the fees for someone else to pick them. Stops any bias you might have towards a certain sector or companies.

All my opinion of course :grin:

(Jeremy Walker) #105

Interesting… thanks Emma. :slight_smile:

To be honest I’m not attached to it at all so good to hear other options and potentially more profitable places it can be moved to!