Introducing annual subscriptions and pricing changes

If you believe there was an issue with the execution (or lack of) then you should follow the complaints procedure.

That said most brokers have the same variables that decide if a limit order is executed. Its going to depend on the shares you’re selling, market conditions, order of priority, order size, pricing data, willingness to buy.

It’s not as simple as reaches price → executes.

But I agree with @Orbitalinvestor , if you think something has gone wrong make a complaint.

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Hello All.

I think all in all 4.99 (or 5.99 as it is now) for standard is fine for me.
I just wish they made the process of transferring funds from the GIA to ISA easier.
I’m trying to max out my isa at the moment and waiting nearly two days for FT to transfer funds is a bit silly.
Why can’t we just have a transfer button on the app? I’m no developer but I can’t see it being that difficult to programme. Happy to be educated if I’m wrong :slight_smile:


It has been made as a suggestion with only 8 votes. It may need a bump.

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Noted and voted on

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I had an email from FT stating they had sent an ‘Estimate’ to HL about a week ago, but nothing further from either company yet. Also, why has someone flagged your message? Hardly innapropriate!!! The mind boggles.

I thaught that was a genuin question for once

Don’t know who flags messages like that. But silly.

I’ve done a number of transfers from a few providers. Generally it’s slow but steady HL won’t usually get in touch until there’s something to act on or inform you of

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That article appears to make a suggestion that M&G either has a discount brokerage platform or it may be in the process of creating one (can’t remember which).

Is this true?

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M&G invested in Moneyfarm, so i think they will integrate Moneyfarm in their offering.

They recently brought out an app, I think it’s called &me. It’s basically like nutmeg or Wealthify but with maybe a bit more support and slightly higher charges

SIPP transfer to HL in progress.

I have a HL SIPP, and II ISA.

Can’t use Freetrade because I need access to TSX and ASX.

Thought I’d pay the £9.99 a month so i could make flexible top-ups on my AIM stocks.

Then they offered a SIPP, and now i have a round up account that pays into my Freetrade SIPP, but it’s just not worth it for me anymore.

Time to downgrade to Free (Transfering SIPP back to HL) and just use this sporadically as a Free Broker.

I’m not spending money on discount brokers anymore.

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Do you mean the stock exchanges or stocks?

HL don’t offer the ASX

Id be curious to know what this means? and what you mean by it not being worth it anymore? Presumably just for the TSX access? Is this significant for your SIPP?

I use II for my ISA and primary GIA.

HL for my SIPP, as i cant yet justify the cost of the II SIPP. I mean the exchanges, and that’s the downside to HL, no ASX stocks, and anything dual listed? You can only buy via primary exchange.

Discount brokers (i.e. the free ones) tend to have lower liquidity, little by way of shareholder rights for things aich as corporate options, subscribing to rights offers etc Freetrade is nowhere near as bad as 212 for liquidity on SETSqx, but the spreads are atill higher on illiquid stocks compared to a paid for broker.

They tend to have less stocks available, and tend not to get all IPOs on time.

Things like Bed and ISA cant be done.

The only real benefits of the discount brokers are the ease of buying and selling (better UI), and they’re great for regular top-ups.

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Are you sure about that? it’s illegal in the UK for a broker to widen the spread. Your other points are probably fair. but for me saving > £10 per trade is worth missing a few extras


So, if i see a price for 22.5p, I will get an executed buy price of 23p on a discount broker, and 22.8p on a more expensive broker. (As an example).

I had the same thought with regards to saving the £10 a trade cost, but II will charge £10 a month with 1 free trade, or £20 a month with 2 free trades.

A lot also comes down to your frequency of trades. I initially wanted Freetrade to assist in my weekly top-ups, but it’s just not as cost effective for me anymore. I was content seeing £9.99 leaving my account every month, but I’m not happy with the additional cost. I only opened the Freetrade SIPP because it was “there”.

Now it’s an annoying process to transfer out!

I expect this is more self-reporting bias than anything.

Freetrade and HL for example use the same execution venues for the vast majority of their executions.

Peel Hunt and Winterflood Securities being the top two for both.

Given a particular trade, you would get the same price no matter which of the two you use assuming it went to the same venue.

HL and Freetrade have some unsimilar venues, but these account for a small percentage of volume

They tend to have less stocks available, and tend not to get all IPOs on time.

I can understand this potential issue

This doesn’t make sense though. Assuming you’re heavy in foreign stock or in your case it seems you want to invest heavily in Toronto and Aus? the fees for a SIPP with HL will be more expensive than freetrade.

But assuming you had a mix of investments. You cant be all in on TSX and ASX? Then id expect the calculations would show that its cheaper to keep the Freetrade SIPP and open an HL SIPP just for the TSX and ADS shares?

A single trade costs more than the Freetrade SIPP fee, and the Fx is more than double Freetrades. So im not sure how you got to the conclusion that its cheaper?


Oh i see you’re considering ii instead of HL?

ii is quite good. still more expensive than Freetrade but it depends what you’re wanting to invest in. it would be more down to you’re investments, not the cost, as it will be more expensive no matter how you look at it

ii is £6 a trade, + 2 ‘free’ trades. So you could count the account fee as £8 a month. the £6 trade fee only applies to the UK and US though.

You’re Aus and Can trades will cost £20 a trade

And your Fx fee will be almost 4 times higher than freetrade 1.5% instead of 0.39%

You do get some other benefits, as you mention, company events are direct, voting is available etc.

You get what you pay for as they say.

This is exactly it.

I recently made 300% on EVNI. I couldn’t do that on Freetrade because there’s no TSX access.

I predominantly invest in Junior Mining Stocks, and those tend to sit on the TSX and ASX.

Even if you’re looking at FTSE 350, regular investing on II is free. So you can buy monthly out of your regulsr subscription.

The thing is, I like Freetrade, but it doesn’t do enoigh for me to justify using as my ‘primary’ broker, and also costs too much for me to use as a secondary broker.

I definitely need to stop using HL for my SIPP, though!

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We need tsx and asx


Any idea when we can set up the annual fee payment instead of the default monthly?