❄ Introducing our Christmas 2023 List ❄

Ahh well that’s defo something I want on my list, deductions, true values, maybe a total stamp study etc paid on the stock etc on some tab would be nice, as you pay for single or multi shares through the days, weeks or whatever.

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Profit and loss is still a good guide…but yeah there maybe could be a toggle button to show current net sell value :+1:

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Total dividends recieved should be an easy one

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  1. Fractional shares (UK)
  2. Autopilot rebalancing
  3. Execute on-demand trades via Autopilot
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Only once HMRC decides that these are ok within ISAs…


Fair point - although I would appreciate having UK fractional shares in my GIA as well…

In my personal view, Autopilot without fractional shares is not totally effective.

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I am going to keep my request super simple:

A year to date filter (YTD).

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Thanks for the reply Viktor.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Latest FT article indicates fractionals will be allowed in ISAs


I think the price FT reports is based on the last trade. So if you want the value of your low caps to look any better, buy 1 share of them.

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Interesting that cash investments have been on FT for months but have made it unchecked onto the Christmas list


Thaught that

I’m worried that the recently added group to organise them in the app might be what this feature is.

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Yeah the cash thing confused me, it’s being reported in the news as just that.

the ‘feature’ is the bundling of all the cash ETFs into a collection… none of the ETFs are actually new they’ve been around for months or over a year.

im not quite sure id call this a feature. its a nice incremental improvement of an existing feature, the discover tab.


The bundling/collection has been useful to me - whilst I was aware in general of these kinds of ETFs, I didn’t know they were on Freetrade. I now have a handy list to do some research on.


yes, I think adding the collection and building some wording around it is actually a good idea. so its a welcome improvement in my book, just not sure Id call it a new ‘feature’ :smiley:


I would like

  1. More ETFs
  2. Response from :freetrade: to Stock/ETF requests from the community

Sounds like a bit of a stocking filler to me!

A tax certificate please.

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Being able to transfer cash between accounts yourself would be good and help make less work for staff :+1:t2: