Invesco FTSE RAFI All World 3000 UCITS ETF - PSRW

This ETF aims to track an index of companies chosen using four factors, dividends, cash flows, sales and book value.

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Just noticed this is under the ‘finance’ category in the app, rather than ETF. :upside_down_face:


Anyone investing in PSRW ? Why ?
Is this better than a dividend fund? Thanks

I hold this. I split my MSCI world allocation between 5 etfs to see how they perform against each other - so I hold a plain vanilla MSCI world etf tracker, a multifactor MSCI world etf, a value factor MSCI world etf, a momentum factor MSCI world and this RAFI etf, which is basically another type of multifactor etf. 5 ETFs with an equal amount (20%) in each. Just did it to make things a bit more interesting rather than a single MSCI world etf.

Probably just overcomplicating things for myself, but I like the idea of them all having a ‘race’ against each other and theoretically, some should outperform others at different times. So far the RAFI etf is winning performance wise, but it’s early days? :smiley:

Not sure what you mean by a dividend fund? Assume you mean a specific etf focusing on high dividend paying companies with a long term dividend record? Like SPDR Global dividend aristocrats etf (GBDV) or Vanguard FTSE All World High dividend etf (VHYL) for example? Better in what way? Obviously the high dividend etfs are better if you want dividend income - depends what your aims are really…

Thanks. Yes I was talking about High Dividend Yield Fund