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Freetrade have a nice article on stock indices, but don’t offer acc and dist ETFs that track all of them. Let’s change that by voting!

(My picks are based purely on being at least 3 years old and having the lowest OFC in their category; this naturally tends to equate to the best 5 year performance, or at least in the top 3: performance is also affected by tracking error of the ETF in question, so Freetrade could equally go with the ETF that has the highest 5 year performance, or some balance of past performance and low OFC.)

S&P 500
Acc: Invesco S&P 500 UCITS ETF SPXP 0.05%
Dist: VUSA is already offered, which has the lowest dist OFC in the category (0.07%) and top 3 performance. I’m not sure why there is also IUSA, which is like VUSA, but a bit worse.

(Acc ETFs naturally tend to have better 5 year performance that dist, which is why I think they should definitely be offered across the board. That and the fact Freetrade doesn’t offer DRIP to automatically reinvest dividends from dist ETFs.)

Congrats, it’s in app! The only thing left is to find 60000£ for one stock!