Investing in whisky

(Adam) #21

Ever tried a Yoichi? That’s my fav from :jp:

(Viktor) #22

@adam Now I have to try it. I’m too curious. And I don’t even drink!


I shall have to try it, Yoichi


Yes! I can’t post just ‘yes’ so I’ll add ‘definitely’.


£1,000 and it’s yours

… or 2000 Freetrade shares?


Or you could go 35 year old karuizawa for a very reasonable $12,000


For which you could instead buy 300 bottles of standard single malt.


Interested as well that a couple of whiskies have become super-popular with investment bank finance bros - pappy van winkle in particular but JW Blue too. It’d be nice to find an emblem whisky for new finance. Something price accessible but still awesome.


Ooh challenge set, I like it!


Big fan of glenfarclas and aberlour abunadh

They’re still reasonable. Sort of.


Isn’t a’bunadh cask strength? “A warriors drink!”

(Garry) #32

@Toby Did the Abelour distillery tour a few weeks ago , great tour and even better tasting! Managed to stock up on a few bottles of A’Bunadh, it’s my favourite whiskey.


Indeed. More whisky for your buck!

(Chris) #34

So who can tell me a reasonably priced Whisky I can get for my Dad. Hoping to get one from 1948. Only finding £2.5k upwards bottles, which I can’t afford.

(Garry) #35

@Chris , any vintage that old is going to be super expensive and rare. You could check out what kind of whiskey he keeps in the cupboard, if he has a 12 year old maybe get him an 18 , 21 or even a 25 year old from the same distillery. Just my thoughts. That’s what I would want anyway.

(Big Boss) #36

Dalmore 18 is beautiful.

If you or your dad likes dark chocolate, this is the baby to get!

(Chris) #37

I’ve normally just gone by which bottle looks interesting and I’m sure he hasn’t had before. Fancied doing something special for his 70th.

I’ll see how expensive it gets. There’s a limit my Sister and I can afford :slight_smile:
Dalmore 18 is on the checklist. Thanks @Justin


Even quite ordinary bottlings from 1948 will be super expensive now.

Something from Berry Bros is really cool or one of the independent bottlers - Mackillop’s or Gordon & MacPhail


Redbreast 21 might be a good shout if he likes chocolate.

(Chris) #41

This is great. Thanks people. Very much appreciated.

I should have just invested in freetrade for him. That’s a gift that would keep on giving.