Investing in whisky


Craft whisky and a whisky IPO

The number of distilleries in the UK has almost trebled (from 116 to 315) since 2010, and there are now 21 whisky distilleries in England alone, up from only one in 2003.

Fact of the day: whisky must be aged for a minimum of three years (and Scottish whisky distillers are obligated to age whisky in oak)


Visited Scotland in September

Was surprised to see how expensive some bottles are

Anybody bought any whisky recently?

Edit: whiskey is from Ireland don’t you know…

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Well you learn something new every day

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Can we have a whisky one as well? :smile:

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@adam This may be of interest re. Yoichi - a fascinating story.

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Hi Guys

I am a whiskey investment specialist from Dublin. The concept of whiskey investment has just started in Ireland since the boom of Irish whiskey. There have been many people from all corners of the globe investing in Irish whiskey. Some companies are providing opportunities to purchase and invest in an entire cask of Single malt irish whiskey which will be expected to fetch great returns and there are a no of exit options available as well.
I bet you visit a few of their websites like to learn more on this.


So after my recent trip to Scotland and being a complete novice I decided to purchase my first bottle of whisky

It’s a Macallan Limited Edition No. 4

Having bought from the Macallan website for £80 it’s now sold out and seems to be listed on other sites for much more

Is this a good first purchase :stuck_out_tongue::eyes: ?


Nice! Can’t say I’ve tried it but always great to have something unusual.

And as an investment looks like it’s paying off!


I’ve always thought the good thing about investing in whisky is that no matter what happens to the price, you can still get pleasure from it by drinking it!


Great thinking ! I’ll always have the bottle to enjoy

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Scary stuff - I’ve recently joined a number of Facebook buy/ sell groups and have wondered about legitimacy