Invinity Energy Systems (IES)

Vanadium flow batteries

Hi @Viktor, in relation to your comment on the Alien Metals page:

Is there any chance Invinity Energy Systems is one of the companies that isn’t difficult to add and will be on Freetrade soon?

This storage battery manufacturing company is a leading developer and manufacturer of Vanadium Flow Batteries (VFBs).

Can someone please add this stock, it’s going to the mooooon

We added it some time ago. :+1:

Hi Victor, thanks for putting this on the app. Is there any chance, you can fix/change the graph for before the 2nd April so that the shares before show as 50p ish? When redt merged with avalon, the shares were consolidated 50 to 1.

We’ll look into this, thanks Kieran.

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Hi Kieran,

We receive this data directly from a partner, which is presented in the historical chart. As I can see the data is not adjusted for the consolidation you mentioned. We will be contacting them to see what can be done to rectify this.

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I know that bushveld are selling down their stake which has been driving the sp down, but I haven’t found much info on why Bushveld want to sell. Has anyone found any more info on this?