iOS 14 - why does Freetrade need this data?

Why does Freetrade need access to:


To be able to find and communicate with devices on your local network


The support chat allows you to attach photos/screenshots in conversations. Could that be why?


That’s a good point. Probably why

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This is correct.:ok_hand:

The in-app support lets you upload photos and screenshots, which often helps us diagnose issues. :sweat_smile:

Thanks! What about the access to communicate with other devices?


Also curious on this one, can’t think of any reasons

As I understand, this shows up if an app tried to communicate with the loca network. So for example, requesting DNS information from the IP provided by the network would trigger this since it will usually be a loca address.

I’m not well versed in the technicalities but was reading an NY Times article briefly explaining the new things apps need to ask permission for and went over this and said for example a banking app has no reason to require this.

Why would Freetrade be different?

To be honest I’m not too sure why you’re seeing this. As far as I am aware, nothing in the app relies on access to your local network. I also haven’t been asked for these permissions.

If you go to Settings > Privacy > Local Network, is Freetrade in the list?

I have noticed this with so many apps that I opened first time after after iOS 14 upgrade , so it’s not just Freetrade app requesting access to local devices, most probably down to how apple has implemented the updated permissions paradigm, I have been just denying that access for all apps , except few that actually need some network chat .

Yeah it is - just trying to understand what these data permissions mean


Ah someone else that’s trying to migrate their friends from a questionable chat app and on to Signal!

Keep fighting the good fight :+1: :+1:


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