Ios app running like an old dog

As of this morning, the app runs like an old dog. The lag makes the app practically unusable.

Was fine yesterday. App version is 3.8.7 and it was updated last night.

FT 3.8.7
ios 15.3.1
iphone SE 1st gen / 4" screen

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I got my first iPhone last year - the newer iPhone SE - and I love it. I’ve nothing but respect and admiration for those still using the original iPhone SE! That’s some serious dedication for a really unique iPhone model and I know that the people who love them (because of the size) really REALLY love them.

Sorry I’ve got nothing to say about your problem though!


The new SE look’s lovely, but agree these old SE is excellent, and still supported by Apple.

I have a few SE 1st gen for backups. This way I ought not to run out before the phone size fashion goes full circle :slight_smile:

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App working fine now, by the way.

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Since downloading the last update the app seems more laggy and slow with some shares not updating for days. This is on a new at Christmas iPhone se.

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Yes, agree with you.

I thought the problem had gone, and then it came back yesterday evening. Was the same on wifi and mobile data.

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I’m finding it laggy too. Seems to freeze moving from e.g portfolio to activity, and I have to restart the app.

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