[🛑 IPO] Airbnb


yesss I also just received the CNBC notification 10 minutes ago haha
bumping this up so Freetrade gets to work :grin: :grin:

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Use Airbnb for all my holidays so would love this to be available on launch.


I love AirBnB however with my investing hat on there is considerable political risk (similar to Uber). It’s a fantastic product (like Uber) but governments in the developed world are becoming more strict on rules

Contrary to Uber, they are truly a global company without any strong competitors (vs Lyft and all other local competition).

Let’s see the numbers!


I second that sentiment.
They were already profitable pre-corona. But I expect this year’s results to be very loss heavy.

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The CEO of Airbnb did a fantastic appearance on the brilliant Recode Decode podcast. It’s well worth a listen for anyone unsure about the company.

I’ve always been against it. I think it’s exploitative, a disaster for independent hoteliers, detrimental to proper town planning & zoning efforts, a nightmare for people who have to live next door to the properties, a pain in the arse for inflating property prices and helping property barons expand their portfolios even more (hurting millennials and upcoming zoomers) and generally just a horrid company.

That said after listening to this, they also appear to be highly adaptive with a good vision for the future. As always with American podcasts, it’s best listened to at 1.5x speed… why do they talk so slowly?!

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky returns to Recode Decode to talk with Kara Swisher about how the company is “going back to [its] roots” after the COVID-19 pandemic delayed its IPO; the future of travel and hospitality in a world with way fewer people taking airplanes; and how Airbnb tried to “lead by example” in its severance payments and benefits to laid-off employees. Chesky also talks about the delay of projects such as a previously-announced flight booking program, why fewer people will work from only one city when their lives get back to normal, and why raising $2 billion in debt was the right move for the company when everything was on fire.

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Yep not doubting AirBnBs competitive advantage and current moat. It’s just they’re ruffling feathers in some countries facing similar obstacles Uber had with governments

I’m hoping for Airbnb to be added when it’s floated on the stock market

It would be great to get an in app waitlist / notification when a stock we want goes live

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Yeah that sounds like a great idea

They have mentioned some sort of IPO list on the app recently. There’s more airbnb info here: [🛑 IPO] Airbnb

Yeah, would be great if Freetrade can list this when it goes live. They seem to like adding stocks in bulk, so always miss out on these hot IPOs…

I’m hoping for Airbnb to be added when it’s floated on the stock market

Hey Cal, we’ll do our best to have Airbnb available on your app ASAP when it IPOs! :house:

@Top2020 For sure, we have managed some on the IPO day this year and definitely do want to add as many more new ones as we can when they go live.


With the upcoming floating of Airbnb onto the market, will we be getting access to the shares when it hits? It would be a fantastic long term growth hold and if you guys got it onto the app when it hits the market it would really benefit users.

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They’ve said it will be available :+1:

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Not surprised. Airbnb is cheaper, more comfortable and safer in this environment.

Brilliant! Cheers!