[🛑 IPO] Monzo 📱 🏦

Adam Dodds is the CEO, Tristan wasn’t the Monzo CEO, he was an employee.

The reason Tristan was an asset to Monzo in its early years is on account of his entrepreneurial attitude.

If he wanted to be an employee forever, he most probably wouldn’t have joined Monzo in the first place.

Employees spinning out of startups to start their own thing is a healthy indicator IMO.


Agreed. The desire to build and innovate, having entrepreneurial spirit, are intrinsic characteristics of most successful leaders in business.

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Yes I can imagine Adam having a side gig. I’d actually be surprised if he didn’t, or if indeed FreeTrade itself began as a side gig.


A healthy indicator of what? If you mean Monzo will be more healthy because of his departure,I couldn’t agree more​:+1::crazy_face:

Healthy indicator of hiring the right talent. Ie Monzo wouldn’t be where it is without him :+1:t2:


Which is a good thing??? I actually think you are agreeing with me in a roundabout way :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

I’m definitely not :+1:t2:


Did Tristan’s business affect his job at Monzo or you are just speculating? There are companies who encourage their employees to do what they do besides their 9-5 as far as it does not interfer with their paid job.

Seems to be quite a few ex employees doing things that can be distribution partners for Monzo. If he went higher end on wine or got to be known then whats not to stop his company being able to lend so that people could buy wine. He could charge 12% or so like the rental deposit guys are planning and Monzo charge him say 3 or 4% and gets some of their deposits working. Actually with licencing problem more likely that he became a marketer of lending for buying wine

Interesting article…


A head of marketing at a bank with millions of customers usually isn’t a 9-5 role


In my youth, when Switch/Solo cards were a thing and they had an Issue Number on the front alongside expiry dates, I went through so many lost & replacement cards that Natwest had to get IT involved (apparently) because there wasn’t an “Issue 10” and they needed to circle me back to Issue 1 for my latest replacement.

Oops. So yeah, more banks should probably do this.


In Japan, and soon everywhere, banks are going to have to add more than 16 digits on debt/credit cards as we are running out of new combinations.

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