[๐Ÿ›‘ IPO] Palantir

Guys, Palantir will do IPO eventually, what are your thoughts about this comp? Nice business, working hard, plus among the few private compa with high valution. I am looking forward to have their shares.

Very strong at sales, Ok-ish product and tech. Risks: any gov that invests in own digital team could fairly easily replace them and save a huge pile of money. I wouldnโ€™t invest.

Hi Rod,

Having worked in the sector myself, I can pretty much assure you that a government wont ever replace contractors this readily. Itโ€™s far, far more difficult than just โ€œinvesting in their own digital teamโ€. Some government contracts with private companies span decades.

I think Palantir would be a good choice. The only risk in my opinion is any negative press resulting from their practices (https://www.bloomberg.com/features/2018-palantir-peter-thiel/ for example)

However I doubt this would really impact them, they seem to be out in front in many areas.

Personally wouldnโ€™t touch them. Iโ€™ve interviewed with them in the past, and theyโ€™re ethically dubious, to say the least. Not a company I feel comfortable supporting.


Hi Alex, OK weโ€™ve both worked in the sector then, but me not in the last 5 years so Iโ€™ll bow to your knowledge. I think Palantir has significant risks and as @zain and you (that link is good thanks) said there are ethical questions. I wouldnโ€™t buy their stock.

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Will their shares be made available on Freetrade?

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Palantir Technologies, a Silicon Valley data start-up, said on Monday that it had filed to go public setting up one of the largest public listings of a technology start-up since Uber made its debut last year.