[ 🛑 IPO] SpaceX

Check United Traders, you can get SpaceX shares with a min investment $250 before the company goes public


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How does it work. The sites low on info about that

Fees don’t look particularly appealing. 3.5% Purchase fee, 0.5% Exit fee, If you make a profit they take 20%. I appreciate that there are extremely limited opportunities to get space X stock but that seems excessive IMO.

Agree on that 100%, especially after using commission free trading, things like that dont seem appealing. But if there is demand there is supply :smiley: But perhaps people who desperately want to own spacex may go in, who knows.

SpaceX being in a sensitive industry, aren’t there nationality restrictions? Cuz I had the impression only american citizens would have permission to own companies of that space

It looked to me like you don’t really hold the shares anyway. United Traders hold ‘units of funds’ that have a stake in the private company. Not entirely sure how that translates in share ownership after the IPO. :thinking:

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SpaceX valued at $44B

Would anyone else like SpaceX?

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Not a publicly traded company I think buddy :+1:

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I see that now I also see maxar

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Is maxar or v galactic any good?

Well they both could be good for the future sure…

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What about trig

People aren’t allowed to recommend stocks or act as investment adviser here. Read the corresponding threads and external material and make up your mind about the prospects of a company :wink:


It could be on the way…

I’m pretty sure SpaceX itself won’t IPO before reaching Mars, likely not before getting people there. They seem capable enough of raising capital on decent terms at the moment anyway.

There have been suggestions that they could spin off Starlink in a separate IPO to raise capital in before then, if I had to guess they would do so once they have got reasonable coverage. I imagine a Starlink IPO would provide SpaceX with enough capital to achieve their medium term objectives.

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I think after Tesla he has no intention of making SpaceX a publicly traded company, it would only hinder its growth and his ability to manage it.

I wouldn’t expect an IPO until they were doing regular commercial flights to Mars, so a long way off.