Is there a summary of recent stock additions / Outstanding requests?

Is there a weekly update on stock updates anywhere? - I can’t find anything obvious from searches and I just keep searching for stocks I’m interested in so see if they show up on the list. Before taking snapshots of the Excel list via extracts and creating a before / after position to highlight them I thought I’d ask.

I’d have thought it would be useful to see as there are lots of requests for stock additions via threads but no clear way of seeing when they are added or a concise list of what is out there - Scrolling through recent additions on the app isn’t ideal.

An outstanding requests summary table would also be really useful with the ability to vote on all those of interest rather than on a thread by thread basis (Threads are useful for comments and picking up more information) - Some stock requests are quite old and don’t get any recent love as are just not seen as they get lost several pages back in the Stock Requests list. A list may help bring some companies to peoples attention before they become one of the popular board stocks in focus.

Apologies if this has been discussed before but there doesn’t seem to be any active threads.