Is there any way to get my money back after multiple crowdcube investment failures since 2014?

I see what you did there… :cow:

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Sympathize with your situation, truely awful. I feel you, as technically websites such as Crowdcube do acknowledge the extreme risks, but I don’t feel they really present the risks as they are.

Crowdcube claims GBP >1bn invested, and GBP 60m returned to investors. Thats a DPI of 0.06… Theres quite some unrealised value obviously, but I think we can say confidently say that this is deep into the sophisticated investor space.

I only recently started to invest in crowdfunding and threads like this really help me temper my the initial enthouasism I often have for startups and do really deep diligence prior to investing.


I also dabbled a bit with crowdcube investing with a few hundred quid in total in 3 companies actually. Two I am fairly confident in and the last one was more of a “hug a tree to feel good about yourself for doing something that could be good for the environment BS.” type of investment, and whether they are just a pipe dream or not remains to be seen. They are:

Celtic Renewables

I don’t think I will be investing through crowdcube again, way too risky, but rather through actual stock market listings (hint: using freetrade :wink: )

…but I feel your pain; 25k is a :poop: load of money. Other than that I’m afraid my reply to your thread is of no help whatsoever other than moral support


Invest in start ups expecting to lose all your money using only money you can afford to lose. Any other expectation is self delusion. Ultimately you are hoping for 1 of 10/20/30 to go >30x and you are in the money despite the other 9/19/29 total losses- but that’s by no means guaranteed. So refer to the first sentence.

Everyone who invests on CrowdCube and I assume other platforms has to self certify they know what the doing (eg they are a regular, sophisticated or high net worth investor - if you tick that box and you actually are not what you say then you lying.


2022 should bring some big returns and rewards on,
Cornish Lithium &


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