ISA dividends tax? Swiss 35% Tax - RESOLVED

Can anyone advise why Freetrade deducts 20% tax on dividends from stocks held in ISA? Not saying they are wrong just don’t get why a deduction is made

Actually deduction in another was 35%

Which company? Could be they are US companies, which have Tax deducted even when in an ISA…


Are you 100% sure you haven’t made a mistake? FT don’t withhold anything other than the 15% that @scudulike mentioned on US stocks.

Swiss withholding tax is 35%


This is the reason :arrow_up:

To add, you really should have known this (not having a go, just something to remember). It’s important to make sure you read and understand the business and business structure of the companies you’re buying shares in


I remember a previous discussion on here regarding Ferrexpo / tax.


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