ISA switch over, top up reference



My App has begun the process of switching from GIA to ISA. I’ll be frozen out for 2-3 days while this happens which is fine. I’m looking forward to seeing it up and running later this week.

I was wondering about the bank transfer details. I remember someone mentioned in the testing thread that the Freetrade account details can change when the switch happens. I planned on putting some more money in at the end of this week and was wondering if I would send it as normal, or update, or do old and new unique reference numbers work?

(Hugh Grigg) #2

That’s a really good question and an important point. There is a new bank transfer reference for the ISA portfolio, as it’s a separate account within the system. If you do accidentally use the GIA reference, the money won’t be lost, of course, but please let us know so we can sort it out.