ISA Transfer - Did I miss the bus?


I have an ongoing ISA account with Fidelity (over last 15 years) which I was contributing monthly. My plan was to keep that but then start investing on FreeTrade from this year. But it turned out I had to cancel the plan in 10 days in advance and they could not cancel monthly investment (of only £200) on a 3 day notice.

So now I have a £200 in this year’s Stocks and Shares ISA with Fidelity - essentially invested due to me not cancelling on time.

Since FreeTrade don’t do transfers, does that mean I can’t invest through FreeTrade now this year? (I would happily sell the £200 funds in Fidelity and forgo that amount from yearly allowance if that is an option).

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Until Freetrade allow transfers in then you can’t open an ISA with Freetrade this tax year. You can still use the general investment account if you wanted

It’s on the roadmap though

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