ISAs on freetrade plus offering stop losses?

Hi, I’m a to-be Freetrade Plus member, however I’m not sure whether the features such as stop losses and limit orders also apply to the S&S ISA on freetrade plus. Also, I previously had a T212 ISA which did not allow me to place limit orders on fractional shares, is that possible on a freetrade plus ISA?

In a word, yes.

Limit orders work in the S&S ISA. For fractional shares, you can use what :freetrade: call a triggered order. This is for fractional shares only. With that, you set the price for the whole share, much like a limit buy order. Then you get a fraction of that share based on how much you tell the system you’re wanting to spend. The version of a limit sell order for a fractional share is called triggered stop loss here and is akin to a stop loss for whole shares in the same way that a triggered order is akin to a limit order for a whole share.

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